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Carlo Meloni's teaching activities @ Politecnico di Bari - 2017/2018

Optimization & Control   [Course Code: 2784] - graduated Optimization Methods   [Course Code: 2132] - undergraduated

Information about these courses is available on the Politecnico di Bari  ESSE3 web-system.  
The examination procedures are handled via ESSE3  web-system where students can find the examinations calendar,
and where they have to register for their exam in the due time. 

Courses previously taught

[Undergraduated (U); Graduated (G) ]

  • Discrete Processes Optimization- Politecnico di Bari - (G)
  • Networks Optimization - Universit√† di Siena - (G)  
  • Combinatorial Optimization - Politecnico di Bari - (G)  
  • Operations Research - Universit√† di Foggia - (G) 
  • Operations Research - Politecnico di Bari - (G)  
  • Operations Research - Politecnico di Bari - (U) 
  • Decision Support Systems - Universit√† di Foggia - (U) 
  • Optimization Methods and Models - Politecnico di Bari - (G) 
  • Industrial Automation- Politecnico di Bari - (U)
  • Advanced Control Systems Engineering- Politecnico di Bari - (G)

Politecnico di Bari -  DEI
Campus Univ. E. Quagliariello
Via E. Orabona  4
70125 - Bari (Italy) 

Email Contacts

Academic:  meloni[at]
Private:  mail[at]